You choose your own path

You choose your own path. So, i was speaking to one of my mentors some time ago, he said something that struck me. He said, “God doesn’t decide your emotions, YOU DO”.

You Decide

In this part of the world, we tend to tag so many things as spiritual; the presence of the supernatural on every decision and even the thoughts in our head is very pronounced. We cannot decide or choose without first disturbing God about it.

I am not underrating or under emphasizing the place of the spiritual in our lives; and in the decisions we make. I am however emphasizing the need to exercise our God given right; to exercise our freewill. choose and not only to choose, but to choose rightly.

Isn’t it a little difficult to understand why we end up making wrong decisions? why we end up in wrong and unhealthy relationships even after we have prayed and committed it to God? Could we be praying the wrong prayers or not using the answers we get effectively?

Our emotions are not spiritual!

If I can describe God, He wouldn’t tweak your mind in favor of that particular guy or girl. He will not strike anyone who breaks your heart down with thunder. I once read that the reason why God will not open the heavens and show you your dream man or woman is because he doesn’t want to be held responsible for the success or failure of that union. 

Therefore, He will give you all the knowledge you need. Teach you all the skills you need and also give the spiritual eyes to recognize these traits in another. This is a subtle reminder to let you know that whatever decision you make in every phase of your life is your CHOICE; and you will be responsible for it. Maybe in rare cases; you get to hear the tiny voice on how that lady in the choir is your future wife. Good for you. But, it’s rare. VERY!

The place of making the right decision of choosing who suits and fits you lies with you, supposing that you have learnt from the best teacher. This is why the emphasis on knowing yourself, building a strong belief system and upholding the right values cannot be over emphasized. Because when it gets to the nitty gritty of choosing, these are the things that will count.

Now, this is how the spiritual comes in: 

The spiritual is there to teach you the right and the wrongs. For example, a parent will tell a child, don’t eat that cake; If you do, you will get a tummy ache. The child looks at the cake, sniffs in the wonderful smell of chocolate and takes a bite. She made a choice of eating the cake despite being aware of the consequences. That’s how it works, the spiritual is there to teach and guide and not to choose and decide for you.

You choose your own path

It is important to decide to stop accepting the wrong people into your life. Also, it is important to decide if you want your values broken or not; And to decide if the punching has to stop. You need to decide if you want that girl to stop taking advantage of you and to decide if that person is staying or is leaving your life. In essence, You decide your emotions, you choose who you get attached to, you choose who you fall in love with, you choose who stays. You choose your own path. The remote control is yours!

~ ‘MO


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