Weight loss programs and diets could be hectic and scary sometimes; especially for a starter. Here are 5 easy DIY hacks to easy weight loss.

Weight loss
  • Plan your meals: Early preparation is key. Get yourself a timetable and prepare your low carb meals for the day or week as you may please. Highlight meals and timing; and follow religiously. Last minute preparations only make you eat what is available at the moment; which often times, turns out to be meals that can make you add weight.
  • Put a mirror on your fridge: This might seem funny, but it actually works. Anytime you go to your fridge to take something to eat, your body size should discourage you.
Weight loss
  • Reduce the content of your fridge or food in store; While shopping, only buy what is on your list to prepare meals on your timetable. You could buy a little extra for visitors if you wish. Do not buy extra snacks and food to keep in your store or fridge; this way, even when you have cravings, there will be nothing extra for you to eat.
  • Get busy: Make sure you find a hobby or something to do while you are not working. Most people eat when they get bored. so always find something doing.
Weight loss
  • Take strolls: Understand that there is nothing shameful in walking to places; as opposed to driving or taking an uber to meetings and social gatherings especially when the distance is not far. Walking to the malls, casual meetings and even to the grocery stores will help you with weight loss and fitness.


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