Too Young To Run: Are The Youths Really Ready For Top Tier Politics?

The rave from the Nigerian youths about the upcoming election is very well understood. In recent times, they have been let down by the very government that swore to uphold their needs and sort their future. That the Nigerian youths are disappointed is an understatement, they are crestfallen, especially since they they eagerly awaited the “change” that the reigning government promised. Now, they are clamoring to take their future into their hands, and literally so, as they are seeking for a place in the presidential villa. Nigerian youths have recently often taken to social media to express their desire to have a president in their age bracket. Their reason is this, the older generation cannot possibly understand the grievances that affect the youths today, they have been given opportunities over and over again to prove themselves, but have often fallen short in so many ways. The youths believe that a young president, just like them, will have more understanding of their pains, and will be geared towards developing the country in such a way that a bright future will be carved out for the present generation, and the generations to come. While this might be true, some pertinent questions need to be asked. Are the youths ready to fill this big shoe?  Are they well equipped with the political prowess to control a country so big and diverse?

While it is okay to seek for the presidency, power cannot just be handed into our hands. It is bigger than expressing a need to sit on the throne, what steps are you taking to ensure that the cap actually does fit? The Nigerian political arena is a complex one, one that needs to be studied and paid keen attention. Different strata of government exist, with problems peculiar to each one of them. Solving the overall problem of the nation will have to start from repairing fundamental parts of the government that have gone wrong, but do we know how to? One cannot help but wonder if perhaps, the youths of Nigeria need to take a step back and look at the big picture, and ask themselves, what do we actually have to offer? Perhaps, we need to seek for more knowledge about the Nigerian politics and the basic problems that Nigeria actually faces, not just to note them as bullet points, but to understand why we face them and how these issues can be resolved. Maybe the Nigerian youths need more political exposure, maybe we need some more coaching on governance or maybe we need to relax and strategize. The key to a better Nigeria might be in our hands, but do we know how to use it?



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