The ideal man: So many people have a very long list about what their ideal man should look like; and I am not an exception. Before I met my Ideal man, I already had it clear in my mind that I wanted the ‘PERFECT’ man. At the same time, he was going to be the first and only man in my life. It was a difficult task and none of my friends believed I would accomplish it. They would advise me to have fun, go out, find a boyfriend. Meet new people and have many experiences with guys so that, one day, I could finally commit to someone. But I had already made up my mind about it; and I had never been so focused about an issue in my life.  

The ideal man

When I was a teenager, I had this list of what my ideal man should be: handsome, well-off, caring, understanding, God-fearing, intelligent – I could have gone on and on then about what qualities my ideal man should have. However, as I grew older, I realized that I could never really find a real person who met all these sterling qualities. Something’s like relationships and marriage just needed to be taken out of the teenage thinking box. I have had just 3boyfriends and trust me I could tell what an ideal man is all about, at least with his few experiences of mine. All these three guys were nothing close to what I had in mind as an ideal man. They were cheats, liars and also perverts. Yes I know not all men are liars and cheat but trust me these three guys were top the list 

 I met Femi. I can say Femi is my ideal man and it had nothing to do with the list I created. Like I said nobody is perfect, finding an individual who ticks all your boxes should actually feel suspicious. But, who knows?  Femi didn’t tick everything on my list but there are something’s I noticed he has that I didn’t see in any other guy. Some values and character traits he exhibited that I had not taken cognizance of before now. These were character traits that challenged me to become better than I was and suddenly matured my way of thinking. These traits include:





 Fear Of GOD.

So ladies, If you are ‘chilling’ (ladies do not find, we chill and let love find us) for that ideal man, here goes my list of 5 crucial qualities but not limited to, that an ideal man should possess. Trust me even without telling you, it is something you already should be looking out for. Also if you are a guy seeking to become an ideal man: work on the following traits. They are;

1. Character – This is the main attribute in making another person happy. If a man’s character lacks truth, honesty and sincerity, then he lacks everything a relationship requires in order to survive. Beware!

2. Maturity – Immature men like showing off: They are afraid of commitment, they are insecure about their future and they are naive. There’s nothing worse for a woman having to submit to an insecure man. A woman needs a strong and mature man by her side, one that knows where he’s going in life, that is brave enough to solve problems with his own hands and that will be able to care for her like any good and responsible man should.

3. Intelligence – intelligent men think before acting or saying anything. This makes them capable of thinking about the consequences- giving women that extra admiration, respect and assurance for them. With so many women throwing themselves at married men out there, this is by far, a crucial quality to ensure faithfulness.

4. Compatibility – This is the quality that allows a man and women to fit well with each other like puzzle pieces.

5. Fear of God – The man that fears God will never betray his woman, especially when she’s not around.

Dear Ladies seek men that make a deliberate effort to add positive things in your life. The relationships we get into shouldn’t drag us below but help us become better. However, attracting and accepting an ideal man lies on you becoming an IDEAL WOMAN. 



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