Role reversal in relationships. The picture below sparked up this thought. In our current world where the fight for feminism and masculinity seems to be prominent; the mystery behind role reversal and teamwork has been swept under the carpet.

Role reversal

Gender Roles

These two look extremely comfortable in their clothes (roles). They are happy,content and extremely content in the role each one of them is playing in their marriage. In this role which is where they naturally shine; they can go to any length to ensure that what they want done; comes to a reality. A man dressed and suited up for his role approaches anyone and anything to make sure that he achieves his own part in ensuring that the home front is healthy for all and sundry.

The woman is comfortably dressed in her role. She understands it and goes about her daily activity easily and comfortably because she’s acting in her natural realm.

Role reversal

Now the second picture depicts a sharp change in roles (clothes). Both of them are in an environment that are very uncomfortable and definitely not their natural realm. If you look closely at their faces,they are very unhappy; and they wish they were not where they were right now. They both can’t wait for the picture to be over so they can get back into their natural role.

This is where I’m driving that;

You see, role reversal is to be expected in marriage. Sometimes you will have to leave your natural realm to function in an unnatural realm to build your home. Sometimes, your face will be contorted in discomfort and pain, but you suck it in because of the greater good. This role reversal most times is not palatable and you’d rather be in your natural realm than the former.

Here I am today reminding you that role reversal is the build up to your teamwork. Sometimes your wife is out there hustling while you’re babysitting and sometimes you’re out hustling and your wife is babysitting. These are phenomenons that marriage will demand from you,the question is are you ready?

Real life

If you ask this man to walk in those heels,he will walk; but he won’t walk as far or as comfortable as he would if he was wearing his shoes. If you ask the lady to strut her hip in those baggy,she would; but she won’t do a great job because she’s not in her natural habitat. 

In other words,your roles reversed are tiny drops that eventually become a mighty ocean. Its what builds peace,unity,oneness; and a deep sense of appreciation for the actual role each person plays daily in ensuring that the marriage works!!!

Whether its a match box or a gas lighter,the koko is the FIRE!!

To your healthy relationship,



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