Party jollof PT3

Party jollof

I’m sure I slept off at a point, because I woke up thirsty and longing to have a drink. As I left the room, I made sure not to disturb Abidemi. She looked super cute in her sleep. I walked to Chuks’ door and knock softly. 

There was no reply, but I still opened the door. The room was empty; strange, they didn’t say anything about spending the night. I opened the door to Farouq’s room and, it was empty too. They weren’t in the sitting room either. I picked my phone from the chair and sent a message to them asking where there were, then I went to the kitchen for that drink.

Close to the kitchen, I could hear humming, like someone was there. I sighed, Chuks and late night eating sha, yet his stomach never grew big. I walked into the kitchen, then I froze in shock. Abidemi was in the kitchen cooking Party jollof again. I was confused.

Abidemi I called out, there was no reply. Abidemi, what are you doing?”Still no reply. “Why not leave the food, I’d help you warm it in the morning na.”Again, I was yet to get a reply. I wasn’t sure what to make of this. I thought of tapping her shoulder. Why was she ignoring me? Was she mad at me? When did she even get here? Was it while I was in the other rooms? Or when I was texting the boys? I shrugged. I opened the fridge to take water and, when I closed the door, Abidemi was right in front of me.

I was startled. It frightened me so much dropped the water and clutched my chest to stop my heart from jumping out. Abidemi just stood there staring at me on the floor. “Bidemi what is this na? Which kind play be this? Abeg stop am.” She was quiet for a while, then she said “Party jollof go soon done” as she pointed at the pot.

I ran out of the kitchen.

I ran to my room and turned the lights on. Abidemi was on my bed sound asleep. “Jesus” I screamed, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Obara Jesus”. I kept screaming these same words at the top of my lungs like I was performing an exorcism. I tapped Abidemi, urging her to wake up, but she just laid there sound asleep.

Party jollof

I made my way to my wardrobe and fetched the bible my mum bought me when I moved in here. With the bible in my right hand, I screamed, “holy ghost…” like I was a pastor urging my congregation to respond. Since there was none, I continued, “fire!!!” I used the bible to slap Abidemi, and kept hitting her with it till she woke. “Holy Ghost Fire!!! Holy Ghost Fire! The Lord is my shepherd. Wake up you daughter of Jezebel, wake up and let the Lord arrest you. Arise to the thunder of the most high and let him destroy your gathering.” I wasn’t sure what I was saying, but I wasn’t going to stop either.

Abidemi woke up from her sleep, confused. She kept staring at me like I was mad, like she was seeing something alien. I stared back at her like she was a demon about to snatch my heart out of my body, only to consume it while staring at me in the eyes as I died.

Oya! Come down from my bed. Take your things and leave. The Lord does not want you in this family. This is the house of the Lord, you can’t dwell here, there’s no place for the devil here.” Abidemi looked even more confused. She sat up on the bed and kept looking around for some kind of clue to explain what was happening. Seeing her confused state, I brought my prayers to a pause and narrated what I saw to Abidemi, not missing any detail out, not even how I slapped her with my bible to wake her into the light of God.

Abidemi listened attentively, never interrupting, and taking every word in like my life depended on that much attention. When I was done, Abidemi asked me, “is that all that happened?” I looked at her, then I paused to recollect if I’d left any detail out. “Yes, yes that’s all that happened.”

There was a pause, then Abidemi started laughing. For a moment there, I thought she was possessed. I grabbed my bible again and made to smack her back to her senses when she raised her hand and signalled to me that she was fine. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” she kept saying…

Party Jollof 4…Next Week.

~ Stephen Oriaku


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