Party jollof 2

party jollof 2

Abidemi was at my door as early as 9am on my birthday. She was one of those that called me early to wish me a happy birthday. In short, she called me by 11:50pm and talked me into my birthday. I appreciated the gesture, she beat my mum to it. My mum was always the first person to call, raining prayers and supplications while threatening my enemies and the devil. Between my Mum’s prayers and Abidemi’s prayers, it was sure I’d get all my life goals this year. I even feared for the safety of my enemies if they had no plans to change their wicked ways.

Abidemi was dressed simple, a lovely sky blue dress shirt that showed off her flawless skin. It was provoking enough to have me wonder what was beneath the cloth. With every bodily movement showing off her thighs, I was left wondering if she had shorts on, or just pant. I half hoped it’d be a g-string, so I can just shift the rope to one side sharp-sharp.

She looked at me like she could read my thoughts, but if she suspected anything, she said nothing. She just picked the nylon she brought with her and made her way to the kitchen. “Babe!” She called, “you remember to buy the fresh tomatoes?” I started scratching my head, was I supposed to buy anything? I remembered she said something about wanting it very red, and I replied “pinkish is always more pleasing”. Now I wondered if I could have been a little more attentive.

Abidemi peeped out of the kitchen, she didn’t seem angry, it was my birthday afterall. She looked like she was half expecting this scene though. She pointed her index finger at me and continued, “I wonder if I can ever count on you for anything.” I wasn’t sure what she meant, but I reacted how best I felt necessary. I licked my lips and winked at her, “I promise not to disappoint you.” She laughed and walked back into the kitchen.

While she was busy cooking, I kept asking if she needed help with anything, and her reply was mostly the same: “no jor, you’re the birthday boy.” “Relax, it’s your day. Next time you’d do all the wahala while I instruct you or join in, if you ask kindly.

At a point, I couldn’t take the scenes I was creating in my head anymore, so I walked into the kitchen and held Abidemi by the waist. She froze. She was suddenly still like she wasn’t expecting me there at the moment. My eyes were closed while I kept kissing her neck softly, “relax” I said, “it’s fine”. I felt her neck turn as she faced me, but I kept my eyes closed, feeling the moment while caressing her breasts. She kissed my forehead and kept mouthing some strange words.

I smiled to myself, I don get am at last. After like 2 minutes of timeless touching, Abidemi whispered in my ears, “there’ll be time for all and more, just let me finish here.” For the first time since I entered the kitchen, I opened my eyes. Now she was talking, that assurance was all I wanted. She kissed me and winked, I smiled and left the kitchen.


The Jollof was heavenly. I’m not sure what she put in it, but it was the best I’d eaten in a really long time. It was better than party jollof. It reminded me of the hot jollof my friends and I used to buy at airforce base mami market; from a woman everyone rumoured was using jazz to cook who washed her private part in the food she cooked. I never believed it. I still don’t.

After the meal, I made sure I locked the front door while I took Abidemi into my room and locked the door too. This way, when my flatmates come, they’ll know I’m not home, so there’d be no need to knock on my door.

The next 3 hours was filled with Abidemi’s screams and my ragged moans. It was a mixture of sweat and happy tears; I watched her eyes roll to the back of her head. She made sure her fingers dug deep in my body edging me on.

I wasn’t sure when we stopped, but it left us both exhausted and gasping for air while the moon beam found it’s place in my room. Then i turn to Abidemi, “babe, you sabi.” I kiss her palm, “you sweet baje. You sure say no be Jaruma you use like this? Over slippery, juicy, slimy lakanin ningi.” We both laugh heartily as we tried to steady our breathing.

Party jollof 2- to be continued…

~ Oriaku Stephen


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