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Osaze Wilserhun is a survivor first before anything else. When we were little, my dad eloped. Although I was not fully aware of what was going on, I remember waking up every night to meet my mum crying and all I could do then was to join her cry. The first few months were difficult, I remember she will lay on her back, sometimes on her face and asked us to jump on her stomach repeatedly. We didn’t know she was using us to commit murder. Apparently, she discovered she was pregnant after my dad left. She went to Doctors but they advised she left the pregnancy as there were complications and getting rid of it would have cost her her life. She took different self prescribed medicine to no avail so she decided to use us instead.

Moses Wilserhun Weirdz

Growing Up

Considering my mum raised us on her own, and considering I am the only son, I had to grow up really fast. I remember the official age I started cooking was 7. I would help my mum to hawk anything. From cooked maize to walnut, from ice water to Stella pormade. The good thing was my mother never gave up. Outside the house, I had to be strong because I got no one to fight for me. Although sometimes, my mum would come to defend me but I soon found out that most parents joined forces to attack my mum.

An incident I cannot forget was the night our neighbour almost pushed my mum into an empty well. He pulled her by her hair while his wife kept hitting and pushing her. 


Moving to Europe was like a lifeline. Although many thought it was an escape route for me; but I couldn’t cope at first because all I kept thinking about was my family back home. I believe this was due to the hardship we went through. Poverty nor good o. Do you know my sister had to go stay with someone in other to get through school; and hopefully get a better life? Apart from finance, Europe didn’t change much for me.

Record deal crash

I remember signing a major record deal with a major Global record label but it crashed. They said there was no wow factor and I am still looking for the wow factor lol. It was really hard for me during these times, i was hurt really when i was dropped by the label; i felt terrible but i had to move on.

I had to come back to the Nigerian music scene. And I tried to push independently before i got signed by The bail music company; the same outfit that manages Brymo. 

Moses Wilserhun Weirdz

The Nigerian music Industry

The Nigerian music industry is different from the Global industry. A little  is based on luck and chance, the rest of it is a lot of nonsense. It is very hard to find music with good content. Coming from a film background, I believe in narratives and that obviously is lacking in the Nigerian music industry. We tend to worship popularity, affluence as well as the cult or society they belong to. 

I always say: Be of good will and always do good wherever and however you can. This is what gets me by.’

~ Osaze Wilserhun


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