Orekoya Seun


Orekoya Seun “I’m from an Islamic background. My Late Dad was a devoted Muslim; but he never forced any of his kids to be one.

I’m also from a polygamous family. My Dad had 5 wives. My Mom was the 5th and more like the only Legal wife. (the first 4 women were pretty much what we call side chicks these days) 

I have 9 siblings (4 were born by my Late mum) The rest were from my Late Dad’s first 4 wives. I’m the 8th born of 10 children.


Growing up was a topsy turvy story, My Dad was a very successful businessman (Into Car dealership) He gave us everything we ever wanted as kids. We didn’t lack anything but as time went on; his business experienced a downhill. we couldn’t live as comfortably as we used to.

My Mum, on the other hand, was a petty trader. She had to support with everything she made from her trading business; but still, it wasn’t as rosy as it used to be.


There was a time my Dad fell sick; We all thought he was going die but he miraculously survived the sickness. Shortly after (a year or thereabout) He had a fatal accident on his way back from a party with his friends; And he suffered internal bleeding and died.

I Lost my Mom two years after my Dad’s demise. It was like my whole world fell apart. That was like the greatest shock of my life. 

She died in her sleep. The result of the autopsy carried out after her death showed she died as a result of overthinking.

My Mom loved my Dad so much and I guess she couldn’t just live long enough after his death.


It was pretty much hard to accept that I had lost both parents at the tender age of 14.

I was my mom’s closest child (we were born the same month, just a week separates our birthdays).

It was pretty much challenging growing up without my parents, but I’m grateful for my eldest Sis (Mrs. Junard) for the big role she played in making sure I and my other siblings went to school and lead a good life.


I had quite a number of challenges growing up but the one that broke me most was the lack of parental care.

Losing both parents at the tender age of 14 was not easy.

I Defied all odds to be the first son of my father to gain admission to a University. It was pretty tough to survive those times; but God came through for me.

As an orphan, finance was the biggest challenge. Before I gained admission to study Marine Biology at the University of Lagos in 2009, I had to work in quite a number of places to make ends meet.

I Worked as a cafe attendant; And as an office assistant in a construction company. At some point I even worked as a marketer; walking under the scorching sun dressed up corporately.

I solely depended on my Eldest Sister who was also living on just a meager amount of money she earned as a receptionist where she used to work then.

There were times in the Uni( Unilag) I needed money but I couldn’t bother her. So I resorted to other means.

” Most people underestimate the power of social media. I remember seeking help for my immediate younger brother; who won a partial scholarship to study in the states for his Masters on twitter NG; and lo and behold, a Good Samaritan gave him a million naira. My brother graduated 2yrs ago with Masters of Maritime Law in Tulane School of Law and he’s doing just fine in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.”

Orekoya Seun

Orekoya Seun


I was introduced to PR by my bosom friend and brother Ahmed Olayinka (Baba Oba) I Met Yinka in my first year in Unilag, we both stayed in the same hostel(Eni Njoku hall) back then. We are both staunch Madridistas and we connected easily.

Those days we used to browse through MTN cheats.Yinka was my go-to-guy then because he had zillions of browsing cheats for all networks and it was every student’s delight.

I remember shortly after service(2015) we had this conversation about how Pr was going be a big thing in years to come; and he shared with me his plan to grow in the business. at that time, i had a completely different dream (which was to seek greener pasture) because I had completely lost hope of any business being successful in this country. A Few years later, Yinka had grown so much in this Pr business. I reached out to him and he drafted me into his team; The rest is history.

Orekoya Seun

I make it a point of duty to educate the younger generation. I tell them to Believe they can achieve anything they want to achieve, and to keep their focus at all times and the Sky will be the starting point.”

~ Orekoya Seun


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