OKAL translates to Omobosola Karimat Alaka.


I was given birth to in Abeokuta Ogun state.The 3rd of 4 children and the only girl. I Grew up in Yaba, Lagos most of my life. My dad was a Lecturer in Yabatech. I Attended Yct secondary school. Growing up, My Dad was a disciplinarian and an educationist. I learned credibility & originality from his character. He made me confident enough in myself not to see gender or any form of limitation in life even as a girl.

Initially i chose football as my career path at a young age; and it was never an issue. I was never discouraged at any point by my parents.Switching to music came as a surprise to them but they later adjusted to it and allowed me do my thing.

The beginning

It Started in 2012. Although before then, I always wanted to be on screen but i really did not know how to go about it; eventually i got it flamed by a cousin. I Visited the studio for the first time with her then. I was not really that interested in music at the time; but the experience changed my life because it was since that particular day I knew that this was my path.

Some Months after I saved up my pocket money to buy a Guitar from one of my dad’s student. I realized I couldn’t afford studio fees so it was the only way I felt I could start something and create music.

The journey

In life, you have to first do it for yourself and by yourself before people take you seriously. My parents initially thought it an age thing or a total joke. It was until I told them I recorded my first single that they knew i was serious. They were surprised on how I got cash to pull out. I had worked 2 months straight to come up with 20k. My dad really had no issue with the whole movement as along as i got into school later that year; but my mum was all bent on putting a stop to it. But At this point it is a different ball game entirely. My whole family are in support; one of my brothers is even my manager and we cool. 

Losing my dad was probably the saddest time of my life. Even though he is not here to witness this, i am sure he his proud of his little girl and smiling down from Heaven.



My Music ,Sound & personality are a representation of who I am and what I and the brand OKAL stands for; which is Positivity, consistency , persistence and confidence.To be very honest, at some point in my career I had to make some difficult choices. I really didn’t have any body to seek much advice from; it was all me. I Just had to be responsible enough in these situations: For instance, I kept on switching managements until i  was satisfied and i would not take no for an answer.


In life you have to know exactly what you want. Affiliating with selfish and biased management honestly contributed negatively to my career at some point; but it only made me stronger and more independent because at a point I was ready to take on anything by my self and i was not easily convinced just any deal would benefit me or bring out my potentials.



I recently finished up with school (University of Benin) last year . At some point it was like I couldn’t survive pushing school and my music together . It was a challenge handling school, making time for events and traveling down to Lagos mostly; but I kept pushing. It was all on me at some point before i got to identify my real people from the fake ones. Some stood by me and kept on telling me to forge on, supported with funds for projects & the movement while some just decided to stay away and watch the hustle toss me around. I thank God I made it through because I wasn’t going to give any one the satisfaction of my failure and i wouldn’t let my supporters down; I like to address them as my Million Dollar FAM.


The ideal thing is to pray for more Grace everyday because i am not where I want to be yet. I am just sailing on that path with so much positivity and commitment. I tell my colleagues on the same level as me; be Yourself Allow Your Personality Define and dominate who you are; Just make sure your sound is original and authentic.I recently signed to A Label ‘Royale Records’; and i am ready to push out massively with their support and resources. I would love to touch lives through my music. This is my Million dollar Dream.

~ Million dollar girl, OKAL


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  • Alhamdulillah for you. God continue to lift you up and more grace in your career💪🏿💪🏿🙏🏿

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