Over the weekend, The Network caught up with 25-year-old Yobe state Gubernatorial Aspirant, Adamu Badamasi Adamu.


He shared his vision, aspirations and thoughts on the prospect of being the youngest Governor in Nigeria and the buzz of the ‘Not too young to run’ movement.





Tell us about yourself:


My name is Adamu Badamasi Adamu. I Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Let me just summarize it, I am from Yobe State/Potiskum Local government. I was born in Maiduguri, Borno State. I started my primary education in Damaturu before i proceeded to Hassan Ibrahim Gwarzo Secondary School, Kano State. From there, I went to Aptech Global, Abuja to obtain Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering (A.D.S.E) and Microsoft Certified IT Engineer. ( M.C.I.TP ). And then finally, to Middlesex University, United Kingdom, where I bagged a B. Sc.in Information Technology and Business Information Systems

(IT/BIS). After my NYSC I set up a blueprint to be an entrepreneur by setting up an IT Consultancy Company. which I also obtained a certificate on Base Transceiver Station and Microwave Installation and Configuration/ ICT-fundamentals by Huawei Technologies Inc.



What do you think of the political system in Nigeria?


The present political situation of Nigeria is infected with myriads of problems, a sign of a weak foundation and invariably weak superstructure made worse by bad leadership and administration





Why politics?


I have had the drive and passion right from childhood. I’ve grown up watching innocent individuals suffer aimlessly and ever since I was a child I swore to myself that I’d one day become the youngest governor in the history of the state and I will bring smiles to faces of those in despair and comfort to those broken in every way I can.




What do you have to offer: 


My Ideas. Creativity and blueprints in building a mega city. The opportunity for younger ones to implement our innovative ideas for the development of the state has been hijacked and usurped due to selfish interest, tribalism, nepotism and many more. Today in Yobe State, you can’t point out any achievement that makes Yobe State great. (note that we are labeled the “Pride of the Sahel “ . there are no Infrastructures, Stable Water Supply, Food, Good Roads, Employment opportunities and Good exposure in leadership. The state lacks a basic and sustainable source of revenue for its development. That’s where i come in. I believe when we set up a Modern/Digital innovative system, this could go a long way in creating helpful and meaningful empowerment programs. I will create empowerment opportunities Such as;


Intellectual Empowerment Skills: These are impacted through formal education system like schools. With these skills, youths get certain academic skill which would lay good work for their academic careers.


Communicative Empowering Skills: This type of youth empowering skill will help the youth to relate with their peers and other groups in the society. This skill includes writing skill, speaking skill, presentation and writing in group.


Life coping skills: This is the ability to cope with stress and challenges of daily life especially skills in communication and literacy, decision making, occupational requirements, problem solving, time management and planning.


Artistic skill: This means being able to create something without help from nothing, something beautiful from something ugly. It is a skill obtained through practice in art.


Manipulative skills: They are those in which a person learns to handle objects with precision in accordance with speed and control. These largely involve physical activities with the use of hand and body coordination to execute a task.


What are the first things you’ll change and do if elected?



I won’t use the word “change” it sounds too empty, common and traditional. I would use the words ” restructure”, “revive”.


I would revive the system of government in the state. Appoint creative, determined and patriotic individuals with the aim of making a difference through their respective fields.


Educational system will have to be restructured in the sense that we create a more flexible and sustainable condition supporting free and basic learning.


Energy: I am currently making moves in seeing how we as a state could partner with Akons Light Up Africa Initiative so as to be able to provide means of sustainable power supply.


Healthcare systems, Security and Agriculture will be revived through the introduction of innovatively impactful ideas.


Are you not scared that you will be going against people more powerful than you in terms of exposure and resources? 


The biggest risk is not taking any risk because He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. I am fully prepared that’s all I can say. My Strength, My Fellow Youths and My God. Thank You!


What is your take on The not too young to run movement?


73% of countries restrict young people from running for office, even when they can vote. 51% of the world’s population is under 30 but only 2% are members of parliaments. A platform set to Promote Increased Youth Participation in the Political Process is the key to change, development, transformation, restructure and modernization this modern age. If the youths of a Nation fail the Nation fails. We are the circulatory system without that, the organs are useless.





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