Nigerian entrepreneurship is truly not as glamorous as it is being portrayed on social media platforms. Here are 5 conflicts a Nigerian entrepreneur will have to deal with before he or she makes it.

Nigerian entrepreneurship


The first major conflict is whether to start small or big. While most people will argue that starting small is ideal; It is very important to understand that some business have to start big; or else it would be hard to climb up the scale. I.e i will advise any artiste to start big because the ‘upcoming’ tag doesn’t go away too quickly.


Knowing when to work for direct payment and to look at the bigger picture; or take all you can and move on is very important. Your growth in business is pretty much determined by this. 

Nigerian entrepreneurship


A lot of entrepreneurs can get carried away by the need to seek investors. Since financing is very important in entrepreneurship; it is imperative to understand when to accommodate investors and when to build your brand by yourself.


Friends or sexual relationships might be tricky. On one hand, your close ones might push you to attain your full potential; and on the other hand they might be a burden that will hinder the progress of your business. 


Tithes, offerings, church and mosque donations might be a popular call to action for the success of one’s business by religious clerics; however, the separation of religion and business is a life skill TO BE mastered; yet in this part of the world, it is one which goes almost hand in hand.

Nigerian entrepreneurship

In conclusion, we must understand that there are no direct paths to success. In Nigerian Entrepreneurship, what works for some people might not work for others; thus one must study his/her model and run his/her race independently.


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