Marriages and relationships now a days are fast becoming a sham. Here are five mistakes couples make that affect their marriages/relationships

Marriages and relationships

Enter into the relationships for the wrong reason.

Choosing a life partner is probably the most important phase of life. Most people marry partners that suit their ego rather than one who complements their personality. When the riches and looks that you have married for fades and wanes; what remains is a broken marriage or relationship hanging on a thread.

Marriages and relationships

Emphasize weddings over the actual marriages

A lot of couples these days emphasise their weddings over their actual marriages. They ignore the fact that building a marriage goes beyond the aesthetics; they fail to plan of finances, number of children wanted, in-laws, investments; but are mostly bothered about their wedding being the talk of the town.

Try to imitate online relationships

Most couples get carried away by what they see online; forgetting the fact that people only post the happy times and not struggles. What happens when you imitate online relationships; is that you start comparing your real life relationship with your spouse to illusions. 

Ignore Elders and Parental advice

“We are in the 21st century, what do they know?” This statement here has ruined many marriages. While it might be true that times have changed and are changing; we must not totally disregard the advice of our parents and elders especially when it comes to matters of marriages. After all, an African adage says, ‘what the elder sees sitting down…’

Marriages and relationships

Hangout alot with single friends

I am not saying to dispose of all your single friends. However, as a married couple or one in a relationship; It is only wise to hangout with more people like you; to share challenges and strengths.  Hanging out with single friends might often lead to regret (how you miss your freedom), cheating, and a crave for flirtations.

It is important to avoid these mistakes and most importantly in your Marriages and relationships; communicate with your partner effectively.   


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