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Lolade Oyemaja

Lolade Oyemaja ‘Growing up was a beautiful experience that defied the norm by a lot of standards. So the norm was more of an African mother that could descend on you with a well thought out slap at any point in time; or a single mother who was always angry and upset all the time. I was raised by a single mother who was an epitome of grace and wisdom. We shared more of friendship; so when I watch all those African mother skits, I understand them but I can’t actually relate. 

I wasn’t scared to discuss any matter with her so it was more of freedom. The freedom to live like an individual that mattered; which is what birthed a sense of independence and leadership at an early stage. 


My mum imbibed in me quite a number of virtues. Firstly, She taught me that God is my source. Secondly, to never be afraid to express myself to anyone; bearing in mind to be polite while i do so.

I craved for a father/daughter relationship as it was everywhere around me. In boarding house you see friends rejoice at the sight of their father. It was the same in church and other places. I can say that It was tough for me growing up without a father. Today, it’s no longer a challenge for me because everything turned out just fine. So to anyone reading this out there who is being raised by a single mother; take a deep breath you would be just fine.


My background is typically centred around communications which interestingly goes beyond just verbal communication; and goes into other methods of passing messages from one person to another; one tribe to another, one continent to another. Basically, I am who you would refer to as a lover of art and it’s tools. I guess we can partly thank my studying English Language for that; The course opens you up to so many things. 


Lolade Oyemaja

My career detour to Fintech was majorly influenced by my obsession for Innovation. If you read a lot, you will notice there is a lot happening across the globe. I am curious about technological advancements and I want to play in the space significantly.

There are a lot of sectors in Fintech Edtech, Legal Tech, Property Tech. I got into Fintech as a Digital Learning /communications Specialist and then I started getting involved in taking masterclasses; Courses in Cybersecurity, Fintech fundamentals like like Edtech and so on. I basically grew into the role.


” I remember my last day of University/ College when we all turned out with T-shirt’s of various colors that read, “Trust me I’m a graduate”. We were so excited and relieved. The feeling was more like “finally all the hard stuff is over”. Fast forward to today, I am rolling on the floor laughing out loud.”

I think a major challenge for me came after NYSC, where i was faced with real-life; and all of a sudden everything was moving so fast. I was stuck in my stride trying to figure out what i needed to do next; especially because I studied English and not a professional course like Law, Engineering, etc

Don’t stop reading; enlightenment and knowledge of almost every topic are important. I know these days reading sounds like old school especially because social media and Netflix now take a very large chunk of our time. You need to read various materials covering various industries and revealing various content very frequently especially if you want to stay relevant for a very long time.”

Lolade Oyemaja

Lolade Oyemaja

I think all youths coming behind must know this; There is something that makes you different from everyone else, don’t stop digging till you find it. Soaring takes off at the point when you find it.


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