Little Wonder: I’ve sat in this wheelchair for so long, I can’t remember what it feels like to walk again, or if I can. Okay, I know I can, but who’ll believe me? They’ll probably call me crazy for thinking that way. But I can show them I can though, that should work right? How did I even get here? This isn’t like one of those dreams where you’re in the king’s palace and dinning with thorns of power, yet you have no idea how you got there.

I wonder what my pastor would make of that dream: “oh how lucky you are brother Samuel! Heaven has smiled upon you, for you shall dine with the greats of the world and make unquestionable impact on the Lord’s children.” I’d have believed such superfluous tales if I haven’t had opportunities to dine with power and found it too disgusting to share a dinner table with. There’s the tendency to devour the person next to you, after all, a meal is a meal.

So yeah, back to how it all began… yes, great sex. Like everything significant, even the birth of the Messiah, great sex.

Little Wonder


Jade, my girlfriend 8months back was always going on and on about how the neighbours kept her awake every night with the screams and praise from their sexual playdates. At first, I found this complaint funny and the act itself praiseworthy since my neighbour at the time was my friend, Chidi. Chidi had always had a way with the ladies, able to tell them how vulnerable they should be if they’re to survive his presence. I found his charm appealing, until Jade started acting strange around him.

First, she’d wake early everyday to go check on Chidi if he’s had coffee and wouldn’t come back until after an hour or two. When she eventually comes back, she’s either wearing an earring that wasn’t on before, wearing her hair in a different style or wearing her tops without a bra on. I never ask why, but she tells me anyway,

“Chidi says it looks better this way; no woman should look taken so much so she deprives herself from being deserved.”

Next she became all the more spiritual, inviting Chidi to more house fellowships and vigils than she cared to invite me, and I was the religious one. Yet all of a sudden they both found God’s love and grace amidst their fallen existence.

The craziest part was how she always seems to be focused on Chidi’s groin area every time he comes over. She’d mistakenly spill something on him, just so she could make an excuse to clean him up and have him change into something more comfortable, which was always her suggestion.


Work wasn’t going too well, the newly employed workers in my department were a lot younger and quite tech-conscious, this influenced the company to digitalize every aspect of operations, so there was a need for me to study and be better acquainted with the system.

When I approached the younger workers, they either laughed me off claiming it’d take me forever to learn any bit, or they wanted me to pay an outrageous amount of money for tutorials, the kind that professional bodies would request.

I decided to watch videos on YouTube, coaching myself in bits. Yemisi, one of the newly employed girls picked interest in my suffering, more than my supposed hard work and decided to be of help. I soon got familiar with the applications and tech-systems, but that wasn’t the only thing I got used to. Yemisi’s soft skin was another application I got used to operating with my kisses, scoring high grades every time I had to test my understanding of pleasuring her body.

This made work a lot more bearable, especially when I consider the possibility of no one suspecting anything since she was an expert at being distant from me at work. I just didn’t get why she kept calling me her sugar daddy, I was barely 32 at the time.


I came home early because it was half day today at work and I wanted to get in on the holiday spirit. There were 2 ladies banging tough blows on Chidi’s door, pleading with him to come out of the room.Abruptly, I told them he wasn’t home, but the stares I received suggested they knew better, so I decided to mind my business this one time.

So i walked into the living room half concerned about that the door was already open. I could hear Jade in the kitchen handling the dishes and decided to scare her with a loud “boo”.

When I entered the kitchen, I wasn’t sure how to respond or react. She was in the kitchen quite alright, but the dishes weren’t all she was handling. She was arched back with her hands grabbing dearly on the kitchen sink, I’ve never seen her this excited about holding on to something. Chidi was quite a poser too, one hand grabbing at Jade’s bum and the other over his head in pleasure.

Jade sees me first and pushes Chidi away from her, rushing towards me and pleading. All this time Chidi just stands tall like the arrogant man he is, unapologetic, and without a condom on, I noticed. She really trusted the fool, who wouldn’t, when a member as big as that, she’d want to feel every throb and rush of blood.

Just as I’m about to get mad at her for cheating on me, I remember I’ve always suspected this, which was partly why I decided to have fun with Yemisi too. So I decided to let it go, taking the bigger role.

“Is there room for one more?”

They both stare at me like I’m mad, but I just shrug while taking off my clothes. I’ve always wanted to try a threesome, can as well get on with it.

It was fun, a bit weird for a while, but considering Jade became the bi**h she always looked forward to becoming, I’d say I choked her real good to remember me after I break up with her tomorrow.

Little Wonder

My phone keeps ringing and the shouts outside gets even louder. I let myself free from our entangled bodies and rush to pick the call. It’s Yemisi, so I decide to take the call outside. She’s excited about something nd won’t stop laughing and crying at the same time.

I try to pay attention to what she’s saying but the ladies shouting outside Chidi’s apartment aren’t helping. I remember what he’d just done to me and decide to repay the favour.

“Hey! Can you ladies just stop shouting please? This isn’t the barrack you grew up in. Chidi is inside there, now keep your voices down”.

I get back to Yemisi asking her to go over her narration, just then, I watch the ladies rush into my apartment and echoing screams of surprise and betrayal as they find Chidi on the floor with my girlfriend.

“Hahahahaha, payback is a bi%ch” I say.

“What? That’s not what I’m talking about. Are you even listening to me?”

I’m drawn back to my phone call with Yemisi. “No no, I’m sorry, I’m listening, why are you so elated?”

“I said I’m pregnant! And the boss wants to know who’s responsible.”

I’m not sure if I should be happy or panicking. I mean, I’m definitely breaking up with Jade now yeah? So this is good news right? Did she just say “the boss”.

“Oh wow! This is great news. The boss? What boss?”

She laughs aloud, “silly me. I meant my brother. I didn’t tell you, but the boss man is my half-brother.”

At this point I’m over excited and can see the money that’d be mine soon. Jackpot at last! I so deserve this.

I walk into the living room to give Jade the good news, at least my good news, and I notice the place is quiet with everyone in tears and shock.

Jade just stares at me pleading and points at Chidi.

“He has HIV”

~ Stephen Oriaku


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  • Waoh!!!!!!😲😲😲😲😲😲this isnt supposed to end here ooooo…..i just kept on reading every line with great enthusiasm….this is another lovely one!!!!😍 😍 keep it up stephen!!

  • I want a Yemisi in my life right now. I hope part 2 is ready? Chidi why now? Condom is not expensive now bruv…

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