The lightning was electric and the downpour was relentless. 

It seemed the most high was upset at something. The sounds of the drops descending on my car roof as I stayed in traffic from work was disturbing and every time I saw a lightening. I shivered. I had always been scared of lightening; it of course meant rain. However, when I was younger, it signified much worse.

She made us play hide and seek only when it was raining. She knew my siblings would scurry off to difficult places where they would not be seen but me, I was not cunning enough to ever win. So she always found me first. Her fingers will invade my delicate flower and touch what was not hers to discover. She would tell me it was time for us to play a new game where she was mother and I was child.

She would make me suck her almost full breasts that secreted nothingness but her own moans which she would struggle to control. And when I whimpered, she would look at me with lust like the sounds of a helpless toddler turned her on. I wondered why the earnest drive to win drove my siblings so far that they could never hear me. She was 14, I was 6 but who cared? Age was just a number right?

As lightning struck again, I totally gave up. My eyes became blurry and my fingers were losing control. So I parked at the bus stop and called him. He didn’t pick immediately as usual. He said he couldn’t come out due to a family engagement, but just like the rain, I was relentless.

I summoned up the bravery that little me could have used and drove blindly to his house. I called again. This time he picked because for some reason, he knew I needed this fix more than the others. He strolled casually to my car and told me to move to the back seat. I was in my submissive mood, willing to take more pain than pleasure. After all, the lightning had struck all evening.

a wet night with lightning

I gave to him pleasures that only an abused girl who had mastered the art of giving instead of receiving could muster. I watched him spread his thighs further and further apart. And just when his breathing slowed and his muscles tightened, I pulled my lips away and watched his disappointment in 3D. When he saw I wasn’t going to budge, He got out of the car and slammed the door. I could still taste his pre-juices as I drove home.



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