Job offers are supposed to be a thing of great joy. However, certain factors such as timing, emotional attachments, proximity and even finance can make it complicated. Below are Five things that can make you make an informed decision when a new job offer comes knocking…

Job offers


Money is a natural motivation. You should consider the pay, the benefits that comes with job offers, like health insurance, pension and other packages. If there is a big increase in salary by your prospective employees, the best decision is to move ahead.

Job offers


You need to consider what kind of experience you are going to be gaining by accepting the offer, is it one that will make your next employee give you a job immediately or the type will make your CV end up in the trash list?


The opportunities that come with job offers are something important that you must consider. Will you have access to training or even have opportunity to further your education. Any job that gives you the platform to become better is gold.


The truth is even money cannot replace exposure. You need to consider the type of people you will be exposed to. Even if the job is not paying much, if it will expose you to certain class of people in the society, don’t think twice before jumping on the offer. This is very tricky because most employers capitalise on this to exploit job seekers; but the trick is to make sure that you actually need the exposure. Do not let employers coerce or coax you; do it for yourself if you must.


Is it in line with your passion? You need to consider if the job role aligns with your talent, passion and goals. These three things will keep you going when the going gets tough.

The listed should give you a clear picture and help you make an informed decision as to if you should quit your job for the next one or remain in your job and wait for a better offer.

~ R’Jay


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