Job interviews might seem scary especially when it is your first time. Here are the basic things to know before going for a job interview.

Job interviews


Make research about the company and keep yourself informed. Interviewers want to know that you know exactly what you want and are there for.

Dress the part

Make sure to dress presentably and appropriately for your job interviews. know the dress pattern of the organisation because it represents their values. i.e. Do not wear a three piece suit for a an interview at an IT firm, a simple jean and shirt will do the trick.

Don’t say more than you should

Be concise when replying  your questions and hit the nail on the head. 

Job interviews

Be honest

Don’t tell lies; Be it in your resume or when asked questions. Make sure you tell the truth. Do not say you can work under pressure when in actual sense you cannot.

Be Flexible

Be current, spontaneous and flexible: Do not be rigid, make sure you are current about day to days activities. Most organisations want to know that their employees are flexible and are current about affairs around them.

If you master these basic hacks, be rest assured to ace those Job interviews


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