Interswitch spak Competition 2019

InterswitchSPAK is an annual public and private secondary school search in Nigeriaand Kenya reserved for 2nd grade (grade 11) students ages 14-17. It is presented to show the ideal career path and guide students to their potential and fulfill their dreams (as inventor or entrepreneur), with a key message to promote the interests of the students. Parents, teachers, and other key stakeholders in STEM education and its use in Africa.

Over the years, research has revealed that the quality of STEM education, like other core areas in Africa, has steadily and gradually declined. This is as a result of various challenges such as poverty; inadequate funding; lack of interest from students; unqualified teachers; inadequate learning aids, incessant strikes/ industrial actions, just to mention a few.

In promoting the various opportunities for sound education for the African studentespecially as it relates to STEM, InterswitchSPAK Switch-a-Future Initiative is being introduced predominantly for high school students to chart the ideal career path and drive them towards full optimization of their potentials/fulfillment of their dreams

Aim of InterswitchSPAK

  • Raising and maintaining interest and interest in studying STEM at secondary schools throughout Africa.
  • Increase the level of STEM education and reward excellence with educational grants through an impartial competition that would promote quality education in Africa.
  • Build a vehicle that is truly interested in the growth, development, and well-being of African students and teachers through various interventions, including scholarship programs for exceptional STEM students


Participation in Interswitchspak 2019 is available for SSS2 students (11th grade) pursuing the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in Full-time education at public and private schools in Nigeria and are between 14 and 17 years of age. If you wish to explore more information on High School Scholarships, click on the link.


Interswitch spak 2019 is been hosted in Nigeria. There are many examination centers throughout Nigeria. If you are an international student and you wish to access a Nigerian scholarship, check out the list of Nigerian Scholarships.

Scholarship Benefits:

All students who make it to the TV quiz competition round would get plaques, certificate of participation and educational grants amongst other things:

InterswitchSPAK winners will win the following (suggested) prizes aside from cash:

  • 1st Prize: Five (5) years University Scholarship + annual stipend worth of ₦7,500,000 and a Laptop
  • 2nd Prize: Three (3) years University Scholarship worth of ₦4,000,000 and a Laptop
  • 3rd Prize: One (1) year University Scholarship worth of ₦1,000,000

Interswitch SPAK Competition 2019 REVIEW

There are two main stages of the competition.


At this time, all students enrolled online (ie the best SIX (6) from each registered school) will complete a NECO-organized national qualification exam in certain centers in Nigeria, including FCT. Abuja.

Each school has to prepare its representatives for the qualification exams in four subjects: Mathematics, Physics; Chemistry and Biology after the 11 WAEC / NECO programs of the current year.

National Qualification Exams

100 objective questions in 75 minutes; 25 each of the four subjects.


The top 81 students (with the highest scores) among those who have passed the qualifying exam will be invited to participate in this competition phase. This is recorded and broadcast on television in Nigeria and Africa.

The top three students per state are recognized.


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