Insecurity in relationships is one of the fastest way to kill a love union; here are some ways to deal with an insecure partner.

Insecurity in relationships

Talk to your partner about it:

One of the killers of relationships is assumption and silence. If you notice this trait, talk to your partner about it. Ask questions to know why they behave the way they do. Don’t just ignore the behaviour and hope they will change, address it immediately.


Adjust if your behaviours is contributing to your partner’s insecurities: I’m not saying you should lose yourself but you have to let go of some habits like flirting, not calling/texting etc that can make your partner feel insecure.

Insecurity in relationships


Limit their access to your phone: Giving an insecure partner access to your phone is like encouraging them to continue feeling insecure. Let them learn how to trust you without reading your chat history or checking your call logs and you have to be firm with this decision.

Seek Counselling.

See a counsellor. If you both have tried but the insecurities persist, talk to a counsellor.. It can be someone much older and experienced. This also helps deal with Insecurity in relationships.

Walk out

When it comes to your happiness, you’ve got to be selfish. If you have tried everything possible and your partner doesn’t change and you feel you can’t handle the situation, it’s better to end the relationship. If your partner doesn’t change now, they might never change in the future.

~ R’Jay


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