Application Deadline: August 17th 2019

iHub wants to grow the number of socially and economically empowered women entrepreneurs who run women-owned/women-led sustainable businesses working in the ICT sector in Kenya. 


  1. Strengthening the capacity of women entrepreneurs to own and lead sustainable business working in the ICT sector.
    1. Strengthen the capacity of established women entrepreneurs to start, run and grow sustainable businesses that work in the ICT sector
    2. Identify women with the potential for entrepreneurship and nurture them to develop and run sustainable businesses in the ICT sectors
  2. Increasing the number of women-owned and women-led companies working in the ICT sector that can handle big money projects
  3. Strengthening collaboration between different actors in the ICT and innovation sector in order to utilise the learning and perspectives generated by the Women in Business programme to make evidence-based and credible contributions to relevant national and global policy discourses.

Eligibility Requirements 

We are looking for women who have been in business for at least one year and have a product in the market that leverages technology.


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