Heartbreaks in relationships are taken subjectively by various people. Thus, there are no specifics on how to deal with them. It is different strokes for different folks. However, here are 5 things NOT to do when dealing with heartbreaks:




Do not send threats, messages or call your ex. Make sure you block them on all avenues if seeing their updates make you livid.


Do not try to move on quickly: understand that you are in a fragile place and take your time to heal. Let no one rush you either.


Rebounding is not a good idea. Having sex with loads of strangers will only make you feel worse about yourself eventually.


Do not Talk thrash or sh*t about your ex to his family members or friends. Most people will only assume you are a bitter person.


Substance abuse

Do not depend on drugs or alcohol to heal completely from Heartbreaks. Remember, Hard drugs are dependents and alcohol is a depressant. Its okay to have fun though, but be moderate with the substance intake.


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