Oh Valentine! I know many of us have decided to switch off our phones and go AWOL on the 14th. After-all, this Buhari regime is dealing with all of us alike-financially. 

However, the following will allow you re-assure your undying love towards your spouse without breaking the bank:


A Home made romantic meal:

You can prepare your spouse’s favourite meal and have a romantic dinner by spicing up with scented candles. Good wine and soul music playing at the background also help. If you are a terrible cook, just order from affordable vendors before you burn the house down or make something terrible that will result in you losing your spouse.

Valentine home made meal

Spend Quality time with your bae:

Take the day off if you can to spend with your spouse. You can have the day planned out with activities ranging from Breakfast in bed to renting a movie from box office. You can even spoon and cuddling till you eventually sleep off in each other’s arms. However, if you are an employee refrain from this o, Valentine doesn’t pay the salary when you are fired from your job.


Have tons of Sex:

Take time to explore several positions. From hanging of legs to scattering the whole house, make sure to explore all and before you know it, the day is gone. (this is not advise-able for noodles men) Unmarried unready couples should also make sure to use protection because Valentine doesn’t prevent pregnancy or thunder for the sin of fornication.

Post Cards and romantic messages:

You could send over a post card for Valentine with a romantic hand written message in it.  Make sure the message is genuine and not copied from the internet. You may add flowers if you can afford it.

Valentine post cards

Dutch Communion:

connect with other spouses who are your friends and make table reservations together. Its more affordable that way.

dutch communion

However, make sure no-one leaves to go ‘receive a phone call outside’ or ‘use the loo’. If so, you might just be footing the full bill by yourself.

Happy Valentine people!

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