First dates like first impressions go a long way. It is important to get it right as this will strengthen the relationship.

It is also important to know that dating in america or the UK can be slightly different from dating in Nigeria. What you see in the movies might not entirely be workable here; However, here are 5 great tips to having a great first date here in Nigeria.

  • Be creative: Not everything is about money. Alot of resturants have spiced up their premises. Go somewhere they have karaoke or bowling so even when the convo gets boring, there could be other activities to cover for you.
First dates
  • Go somewhere affordable: learn to research menu lists and prices online first. Make sure you can comfortably afford the meals and services. Trust me, if you spend a fortune on your first date, the chances that you will want to invite your partner for a follow up are very slim. You will always remember the person as the ‘expensive one’
First dates
  • Be yourself: There is no need to brag or tell lies just to impress the other person. Come bare, so you do not start your relationship based on a lie.

  • Be interested to be Interesting: Participate in the conversation and do not make it seem like an interview session
Couple enjoying dinner — Image by © JLP/Jose L. Pelaez/Corbis
  • Make your intentions known: I am not asking you to propose to each other, but be sincere about intentions and if in unison, agree to another date.

Flowers, gifts, gestures and courtesy also earns you extra points on first dates; but this is Nigeria, so its okay if you downplay the flowers part if you cannot afford it- for the mean time.

Next week, we examine important date questions and their relevance in a prospective relationship.


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