Family Bonds

Family Bonds

I got bored staying indoor. It’s all I’d been doing for the 2 months since my brother and I moved to this neighbourhood. Magodo is the way they said, it’s as good as Lekki if not Better, the mainland has something to offer. I don’t doubt all these, but it doesn’t make it all the more fun to be cooped up indoor all day. My neighbours were a tall light skin Yoruba dude who felt the need to always change his accent once he leaves his apartment, the mumu forget say we fit hear am since he sabi shout anyhow; and another Yoruba girl who was hardly ever seen.

My brother claimed it’s because she works with KPMG and hardly ever has anytime to herself. In my head I kept wondering, how’s that a bad thing? I’ve been home for close to 8months now after service and haven’t even as much have been called for an assuring interview, I’d give anything to have a job that’ll take the whole of my time.

I made my way to the kitchen, that’s all I’ve been good at recently. I was hungry but just wasn’t interested in cooking anything. Just then, I could hear that familiar noise, I stopped, thinking of how I wasn’t going to tolerate it all today. The tall light skin dude had a habit of having loud s*x, some times it’s hard to tell if they’re humans or animals in there. I dropped the plate I was holding and made my way to the door which links the kitchen to the back yard. That was a mistake.

As I turned to knock on his kitchen door, what I saw got me erect and confused at the same time. It was a bloody orgy. The weirdest kind if I dare to admit. Girls and guys everywhere. I just kept wondering when they all made their way in there, I’d been home all day and didn’t hear any noise to suggest this kinda party or had this been going on for a long time.

I was already too erect to leave now, I knew I wasn’t invited and should leave, but I knew I should just take off my clothes and walk around the apartment at least. This would be my first time in there after all.

I walked into the room, half the people there noticed me walking in, and the other half were way engrossed in what they were doing to even notice me. As I walked in, I noticed the light skin dude seriously burying his mouth and schlong behind someone, giving quick thrusts while holding on like his life depended on it. That view was a bit confusing so I tried to make out what I was seeing for better understanding. Just then, someone walks in front of me and strikes a pose pushing her boobs at my face. I’m taken aback and stare at the person with the great boobs, it was the KPMG girl, and this was new, no work today?

Like she was reading my thoughts, she smiled and said “I’m on leave. Perfect timing right?” It was hard to answer that question, her hand was already on my d*ck rubbing it back and forth. All I could do was move closer to her, edging her to stroke a little faster. He stopped half stroke, looked at me, shrugged and bent down. Before I could say Gbajabiamila, she downed my dick in one gulp, and I’m definitely not small.

She sucks me intently for a while, all this time looking it me in the eyes while she chokes on my dick like she has no gag reflex. She intensifies the movement and I soon find myself coming close to blasting her face with cum, she senses this and stops. Kisses the cap of my penis and smiles at me. She stands and begins to urge me towards a free couch, still holding me penis.

It was then that I noticed the person with the light skin guy also had a penis. I didn’t know when I voiced out my surprise which causes a dozen or more eyes to stare at me.

The KPMG girl turned my face back to her and asked me, “You like to do it in the ass too? I can do that too.” I just smiled, scared I’d be thrown out if I said no, and I’d already been into this way too deep to let go now. She laid down on the couch and I climbed on top of her, she spread her legs letting me in. Lord! I never expected it to be so wet and tight. It felt like she was a virgin, whatever she was, it was enough to get me hooked in my thrust game. After a minute or two, she flips me over and begin to ride me crazy. It’s getting hard to breathe but I’m not even bothered, her p**sy was all the air I needed.

After what seemed like forever playing cowgirl, she stands up and bends over for a doggy. I pour a bit of spit on my hand and rub it all over my d**k as lube and slowly pierce through. I liked the feeling I get every time I enter her. As I grabbed her waist and start plunging deep, I notice the light skin guy staring at me and smiling, he licks his lips and winks at me. I gave what I think was a smile and gently started looking down until I saw the figure on the floor holding his legs in the air while the light skin guy kept hitting his ass.

Family Bonds

At first I didn’t recognise who it was, until he called my name. It was my older brother Kika. The shock must have made me trust harder, because the KPMG girl grabbed my back and came multiple times.

Today, our parents came visiting to know how we were coping. My mum knows something is wrong since I’ve not called my brother’s name or looked at him since they’ve been around; it’s obvious we’re walking on eggshells, but how can I tell them what had happened? Family Bonds.

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