Growing up

Fadamiro Omobola: ‘Growing up with my mother; we had our many highs, and unavoidable lows. From living at luxurious apartments to squatting with a few family friends. I would say I enjoyed my childhood but there were points I didn’t find life easy.

I know how it feels to have everything and how it feels to have nothing. It was like a rollercoaster; this minute everything is rosy and the next minute, you are living in a place where you are scared to use the toilet. Growing up was both interesting and crazy. My life was more of the Nigerian movie scenario; from being an ‘Ajebutter’ to being an Ajebutter struggling in an ‘Ajekpako’ world.

Fadamiro Omobola

Early life

Even though I was mostly raised by my Mother, I have a great relationship with both parents. I attended 5 primary schools which 4 were private schools; Santa Maria, Pampers Nur/pry sch, Queensland and K.Kotun while i finished up my primary school at Command Children School Gado Nasko Barracks Abuja. The good news is I never repeated any class. I spent my early years in Lagos, moved to Abuja with my Mother and we spent 13years there before moving back to Lagos.

My values have kept me going. These are Discipline, Hardwork, respect and love.I learnt from my Mother, she was able to imbibe discipline and hard work in me. My Mother would say and I quote “I know no rain or sunshine because they cannot stop me, I know the work of my hand and I keep forging ahead”. From my Dad, I learnt love; My Dad is a lover and a respecter of man.

After graduating from my secondary school, FGC Kwali Abuja, I got a job in Lagos at a Make-up studio as a sales girl.I had challenges getting into the University. Not because my grades weren’t good enough but because of lack of funds and opportunity. I later got into Lagos State University (part time) to study computer science.

I have never talked about this but I’ll say it here, I am not satisfied with my University education. However, I am willing to start all over again, I will keep you posted.

Fadamiro Omobola

Social media

Social media influencing started off as fun when my boyfriend (now my husband) opened a twitter account for me, I had a weird username “Nawti_virgin” and I was quite active at the time. I had a couple of followers and was very proud of my account. The media house I worked with as a videographer needed publicity for their show “The Next Movie Star”. Some of my colleagues saw me as a celebrity on twitter and they told my Boss about my status on twitter.

Long story short, The Next Movie Star was my first project on twitter, spreading the word on twitter made me gain grounds at work, I became some people’s favorite. So, I put one and two together and I realized I could actually make money and more name through twitter. Even at that, I didn’t still see it as a career path until I met Mr Martin Fayomi. Mr Martin is a great influence in my life as he helped me to grow and put me through.


How you position yourself in life is very important. One of the major challenges I faced was rebranding. Because most of the jobs I got then were events, My username (Nawti_virgin) didn’t matter. I started to position the name, made a logo and made sure my logo was put up on backdrops. Consequently, i lost a lot of jobs because of the name. I remember a meeting I had with a potential client to promote a female brand and when asked what my handle was on twitter, I got this funny look. It was true i was qualified for the job but my name became an obstacle. I knew I had to rebrand, that was how I came up with MBmatic. With the help of my mentor, Mr Martin, he was able to help me with proper positioning and MBmatic became the brand it is today.

Fadamiro Omobola MBmatic

Like the saying goes, “ hard work pays’ The most significant day was when I made my very first hundreds of thousand, that day I bought my first work laptop.That day, I had a meeting with a client; I mean I wasn’t used to having meetings. I prepared a good strategy and convinced the client of my execution and my client immediately bought into it. Not in a million years did i believe what I saw as fun would make me that much money. That same day, Money was paid into my account. I didn’t even know how to execute half of what I promised but in two days, I was able to learn, thanks to google.

We must also not shy away from the lows; it is life. I remember when two of my major clients pulled out of their contract with me, it was a very sad week for me. I took a break to re-strategize and I was back on my feet again.

In essence, i think we must appreciate life. It comes with highs and lows to strike a balance. I remember when i held my son in my arms, That was the best day of my life yet.

Fadamiro Omobola

Over the years; I have lost some, won many. I failed a few, Succeeded a lot. Sometimes I get lazy, discouraged but I keep moving, I keep trying. I get scared, I hide my fears but I never let them stop me.I tell the youth “Your biggest competition should be yourself. Be you, Do you, Never compare yourself to anyone. Take territories, create your own niche, Take charge and Own it. Ask questions, don’t assume you know it all and don’t get scared. Have a good support system and you will be on your way to the top.’

~ Fadamiro Omobola


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