Election 2019 in Nigeria was halted last week due to what INEC identified as “logistics” problem. Here are 5 tips first time voters should take to the General Election 2019.

Election 2019 in Nigeria

Go to your polling centre before the election:

If you don’t know your polling center, kindly go to INEC’s website and enter the 9 digits on your card, it will show you your center. Go to the center before the d-day to see if your name is on the list.

Arrive the polling unit in time:

You must arrive the polling unit in time to vote. Voting ends by 2pm.

Don’t take your phone into the polling booth:

You either leave your phone at home or you hand it over to someone you know when it is your turn to vote.

Read the voting instructions at the polling unit:

To save yourself the stress of spending so much time on the wrong queue, ask questions, from the right people.

Resist the temptation of joining in political argument:

Try as much as possible to drop your analysis skill and political science knowledge before going to the polling unit. Mind your business really, you can take a bottle of water along, it’s going to help.


Apart from your PVC, take along a form of Identification, either your national ID, birth certificate, International ID or driver’s licence


Wear comfortable clothes like a t-shirt and trainers. Also make sure you do not wear pro party campaign attires. In the instance of a riot, it could make you an easy target and prey.

Leave the polling unit immediately after voting:

Except you are helping them to count the ballot papers, please, go home immediately after voting. Don’t loiter around.

Note: please remember to vote with your conscience. Do not sell your votes. Encourage peace at all times and pray for a peaceful Election 2019 in Nigeria.

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