Beyond the complexion are not just words. It is a state of mind. Growing up, the kids on my street used to shout and call me “oyinbo pepper” when i walked by. I told my Mum and she told me that I shouldn’t even be bothered that the next time they called me “oyinbo pepper” I should call them “blacky”. The next day they did it and i replied them. They were so shocked at my response because they weren’t expecting me to reply and since then they stopped calling names, they all wanted to friends with me.

Beyond the complexion

It is true that many people living with Albinism have low self esteem. My parents played a major role in working on my confidence and self esteem. I never felt different for once, instead they made me realise my self worth at a very early stage, I owe what I have become today to my family.


I realised at a very young age that i loved talking and having great conversations with people. Also, i realised that I enjoyed learning by listening to people talk about their experiences. Growing up, I had started talking at large gatherings from Assembly Grounds to Church (I was the Chapel Prefect in my secondary school) I did all this impressively well. I just knew THIS WAS MY PURPOSE IN LIFE and i pursued it without any inhibitions.

VJ Adams competition

When I was certain that i wanted to be a VJ, I searched for a Mentor in the field I could watch closely and learn from; and I picked VJ ADAMS. I followed up on him for years. I learnt a lot from watching him on TV, this made me understand my craft better and helped in defining my own style.

Beyond the complexion: Teejay Ameen

Throughout my career, the VJ ADAMS competition is the first and only competition I have entered for so I knew it had to count. I JUST WANTED TO WIN and get to meet him in person and learn from him. When I won, it felt like I finally did something right that put me one step in the direction of my dreams. I was really happy and I felt some sense of fulfilment.


People are always surprised to see an albino VJ.Some even advice me on switching to radio. But I think everyone has a selling point, what makes them stand out and makes them unique. I have found mine, My albinism has aided because it’s my selling point; Although the craft comes first.

Beyond the complexion: Teejay Ameen

I involve myself in projects to create awareness mostly to people living with Albinism. Projects like Beyond the Complexion (a movie) that let Albinos out there know that there are no limits to the things they can achieve. Because the truth is Nobody will love you until you love yourself. 


The plan is to change the narrative by avoiding pity parties. I always say “if you want people to believe in your abilities, you have to first believe in them yourself”. That’s all I preach.

Everyone wants to be the best but my major future goal is to change the lives of people, provide life changing solutions. My dreams are Beyond the Complexion for me.

~ TeeJay Ameen


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