Attracting your spouse goes beyond reading articles such as “FIVE WAYS TO ATTRACT YOUR SPOUSE” off the internet.

You are so quick to find the easy solution to relationships but reluctant to put in the work.

Whatever it is that you won’t have to work for or stress over is a welcome idea. Including the man or woman you may end up spending the rest your life with? Shame!!

Therefore,I tell my audience that when ever you see posts titled like this, do pass by humbly without reading them.

Attracting your spouse


These are the posts that serve encouragements to our generation on a daily, encouraging them to make the wrong choices and in the near future; become Individuals full of hate and scorn.

They become individuals who curse the system and make the truth look like a lie.

Some of them become relationship coaches and further destroy the original values needed to build a healthy relationship.

This is the hard way,the way that ends up in forever and gives you a relationship you probably only read about in M&B’s.

You need to walk the walk to effectively talk the talk. You need the emotional strength,the will power and wisdom to uphold a healthy relationship that will grow into an excellent marriage.

Enough of the quickies and the short cut to forever. It makes the journey extra long,tiring and depressing and an eventual failure.

Dear Interested candidates in successful relationships,please take out the time to build your capabilities. Spend some more time with yourself,get to know your boundaries,your strengths,your weaknesses and the lines you will never cross. These will help in Attracting your spouse.

The complete knowledge of this helps you to filter the people who you accept into your mental space.
This will help you narrow down your list to people who can be of benefit to you and most likely never hurt you.

Your relationship will be healthy,if your mind is sane.



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