In a bid to project the crafts and innovations of the entrepreneurial Youths; Communications and Development power house, Afrique L’Timeline has Launched the first National online tv which focuses majorly on Youth development, Nation building, Community Engagement and Culture.
The Network provides a platform for Directors and producers to air their programs while giving them a chance to earn off their content. The network airs Contents which include: Documentaries, Vox Pops, Talk Shows, Diaspora reports and Short movies that promote the Entrepreneurial Youth and mirror their strengths, journey to success and  shortcomings while proffering solutions to them.
Speaking with the President of Afrique L’Timeline, Tenn Zipa John, about the launch; he had nothing but words of encouragement to say. ‘ The Entrepreneur is handicapped due to the system in place. I think the two major problems we face as youths are the financial issues and the lack of publicity for our services and crafts. Today we solve them both. Creating a platform to advertise to the world, the services, innovations and crafts of hardworking youths creates awareness and ultimately paves way for investors and then wealth creation! I sincerely hope youths can take advantage of this platform to network and improve themselves consequently’
Programs such as ‘The VOY(Voice of the Youth Show- Africa’s first 3D animated talk show) ‘Innovations with David’ and others premiere on The National Youth Network.
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Twitter: @thenyntv


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  • This is beautiful. I am an Entrepreneur in Nigeria and you really hit the nail on the head by identifying the major problems we face as Entrepreneur. Thanks for this platform and you can also help showcase my products.
    Facebook : Phumzy Unique Designs
    IG: @phumzy_unique_designs
    Thanks boss, keep the good work on…..

  • Talking about the youths is just like talking about the nation. No nation can develop without courageous youths, those that would take the nation to the next level. Keep going Afrique L’ Timeline.

  • Hello ,

    I saw your tweets and thought I will check your website. Have to say it looks very good!
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    Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Jan Zac

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