Affordable gift items can be used to express gratitude, for celebrations and even to cement relationship ties. However, Most people find it difficult picking out the perfect  affordable gift items or service especially when the person (recipient) comes across as someone who has it all.

Here a some Affordable gift items recommendation for someone you think already has it all.


Affordable gift items

Order Something different from his regular sphere. Let the vendor deliver to his house. Kindly put into consideration his diet, cravings and preference.

Casual Footwear/Sandals:

A nice footwear for strolls and casual outings will do. Nothing too fancy but something classy.

Facials, pedicure and manicure:

Affordable gift items

Book a home service session for facials, Manicure and pedicure for him. Make sure that its an open booking so it can work with his schedule. 

Artworks/ Paintings:

Gift him a portrait painting of himself. You can also get a painting of his role model or Mentor. Some guys also prefer abstract art paintings; you can also get that.

Pens, cufflinks and tie clips:

Affordable gift items

Classy ball point pens, Cufflinks and tie clips will surely be appreciated by any man.

Movie Tickets

Get tickets to the trending movie(s) for the person

It is important to know that most times, it is the thought that counts. So regardless of whatever gift items you are giving, just gift with love.


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