Adigun Kunle: Law and Hustle

Adigun Kunle

Growing up

Growing in Orile as a kid was challenging. My parents were extremely tough and I didn’t really mix with a lot of people. I learnt Contentment, honesty and most importantly hard work from my parents even at a tender age; values i still uphold till now. Growing up was never rosy; it was struggles from one stage to another; and when i got to secondary school my father wanted me to school out of Lagos so i was dumped in a Boarding house.

Most visiting days, while other kids were being visited by their parents, with food and provisions; i mostly had no one come to visit me. This was my first major lesson on survival. Indeed Lagos to Ilorin was far.


All my life, i had wanted to study Law in the university of Lagos. I wrote jamb three times and eventually got admitted to study English in Unilag. It was devastating, and for almost a year i was never happy. I didn’t even understand anything in English class and i carried a hate for law students. The same year i got admitted into University of Lagos to study English, i also got admitted into Lagos State University to study Law. LASU’s list was released a bit late that year, but my name was on it.


Then it was tough convincing my dad that i wanted to pursue my law dreams in Lasu because of the high rate of cultism then. I was worried too and I thought about staying back in unilag- but for Professor Akin Ibidapo-Obe who said “ Adigun Kunle, if you were to be my biological son, i wont think about it twice, you must go to study that law. You are going to LASU; I will convince your dad and i wish you good luck”.


I remember I could not afford to buy law text books. The only way was to rely on materials and the law library. I had issues with getting accommodation because I didn’t have money to get one. I was living from one place to another. My school bag was my house. Eventually, a friend of a Colleague took me in and even paid for a year rent for me in advance. Till today I’m forever in debt to Olamide Alli-balogun for that grand gesture.


There will always be setbacks in life. When i failed criminal litigation in law school and had to resit, i was broken. Seeing my mates get called to bar without me was hurtful, but i knew it was just a matter of time. The day i was called to the Nigerian Bar as a legal practitioner was the highest point of my life. All the sufferings had paid off.

Adigun Kunle

Social media

Becoming an influencer was as a result of hunger and I needed to create a platform for myself that could fetch me cash to survive and sustain myself with back in the University. 

Well, a lawyer is not suppose to practice any other profession with the law job so for me, i see influencing as an everyday day life of accessing the applications on my phone to do what i am supposed to do and leave. Its as sample as checking for latest stories on my Facebook and i think the busiest people in the world too have time to check their social media pages.

Adigun Kunle

There is no way you can survive in this world and not be an entrepreneur. I believe it is a skill we must all develop so we can survive in this competitive world. I say to the younger upcoming generation any time i am privileged to speak to them; ‘Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. Be honest and work hard. You will surely get there someday’

~ Adigun Kunle


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