Adesanya Oluwaseun

Adesanya Oluwaseun

Growing up

Growing up was quite calm but i had a lot of discipline from my parents. They are both disciplinarians who never spared the rod. I was brought up in a Christian home so I had no choice than to be a God fearing boy which I am till date.

My Parents played a very vital role in my life. I learnt how to be discreet, disciplined and hardworking from an early age. Also, I grew up on the more conservative side. I wasn’t ready to shame my parents so I did as I was told to keep the family firm maybe because I am the first child. I was one hell of a mirror.

The parents

I wouldn’t say i was not privileged growing up; that would be a lie. My Dad was a cheerful disciplined man and was a man of focus. He was a politician, he served under the Amosun era in ogun state and was a hero before his passing in February 2019. My mom works in Lagos state Government; and they have been supportive of me ever since I was born.

Most people think that because your parents are well to do, your struggles are not valid. I think it takes more discipline and determination to achieve success on your own, especially when you have well to do parents. It’s easy to be relaxed and feel entitled; but that is not my kind of person. I have always been hungry.


I did not have an interest for music until secondary school (Igbobi college)It was sudden; the love for music. I joined the choir. Then I realized I could compose and gyrate under any beat and I loved it and boom! I went for it.

At a time where entertainment was not highly regarded by the society, one would have thought my parents would dissuade my ‘talent’ but reverse was the case. Although my mom was not really enthusiastic, my dad (of blessed memory) was the one interested in my music. He always told mom I was a star to be.

The Upcoming artist

Adesanya Oluwaseun

Being an upcoming artist in this part of the world is not easy. There are loads of challenges one encounters daily. The major one is once you are identified as an ‘upcoming’ artist, people look down on you or try to exploit you. I remember sometime back, when i had just started music; and i had planned an interview at a radio station, i told a couple of people I would be live at 10:30, then I got to the radio station and I was told no more space after paying for one with money i had borrowed from a friend; I almost collapsed.

Other artistes there saw me and kept saying sorry bro. I could not cry.

We learn everyday too. I also remember paying 10k to produce a song and expecting a hit jam. However, i couldn’t understand why i did not get a banger at that time. I laugh when i remember and i say to my self ‘never again’


Losing my dad was beyond tragic. It was the worst day of my life. I never saw it coming; i guess one doesn’t really prepare for these things. It was the greatest shock of my life. I am still numb about it till date. But if for anything; it prepared me to be a man early enough. I know i have to take my music serious and take care of my brothers and mother.

Adesanya Oluwaseun

I have just one thing to say to upcoming artists like myself; anything you do, do not position yourself as an up and coming artist, it sticks and the tag doesn’t go away too quickly. Also,Invest heavily in your craft, always put your craft first; thats what puts food on the table.

~ Adesanya Oluwaseun


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