Adepoju Adeyinka


Adepoju Adeyinka “I am the second born of 6 children. I’m a Recording/Performing Artiste & Songwriter, also a cinematographer. I studied Animal Sciences at Obafemi Awolowo University, ile-ife. I’m passionate about music, self-development, and about Life itself.

Growing up

I grew up in Lagos State, I was born in Ojota before my parents moved to Ikorodu when I was 5. Growing up for me was quite normal, it wasn’t so rosy but my parents were doing averagely fine. They were able to provide some of the most important things I needed in life. My parents had moved from a one-room apartment in Ojota to a gated flat in Ikorodu, and all of a sudden I wasn’t as free as I used to be in Ojota. I was mostly indoors with little or no friends, but I had a mind of my own. Really, i never disobeyed my parents to their face but I would always sneak out of the house to experience life as a typical child on the streets. This experience gave me an edge in fending for myself early in life without my parents.

“I learned Humility and Patience from my parents at a tender age. These two qualities have been very crucial to my development as a person; especially in my line of work and in navigating through life generally.”

Adepoju Adeyinka


My major challenge while growing up, i think, was Peer pressure and teenage mentality. I’m sure most of us can relate to this. Another would be. my boarding school experience. It turned out to be one of the biggest tests of my childhood. I went to a very tough school with difficult principles, but in the end, it taught me survival. 


Although I picked up music at very tender age, I never had the conviction that I was going to be making music professionally. It was not until after a couple of years in the University when I started frequenting the studio that i fell in love with creating music. This was when I decided to take it up as a career.

In 2014 while in school, I won the Coke studio Raw Africa competition which took me out of the country. (first time I boarded a plane in my life) That particular experience convinced me about how much good I could make out of Music. Then the gradual knowledge of the music business crept in; Most importantly, this career path is in harmony with the kind of life I want to live; And the Kind of man I want to be.

Adepeju Adeyinka


After University, I moved back to Lagos in April  2017 with just 10k and no place to stay. Thank God for that experience. It was extremely hard for me at that time; ButI learned so much within that time to make all the progress I’ve made till date.

Adepoju Adeyinka

“Add Value to yourself day in day out, Enjoy your journey and Enjoy Life” 

Adepoju Adeyinka


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