Acing that job interview with your dressing is very important. Never under estimate the importance of your appearance to your employer.

Physical appearance is one thing to be conscious of when making a first impression.

Most times as a job seeker, it’s like an instinctive norm to pick up your favourite and best set of clothes or the first unwrinkled ones in sight, wrong move… Because truthfully, there is more to dressing up for an interview than you think.

Acing that job interview


A smart outfit is exactly what you need.
Flashback to how my first interview turned out to be a disaster just because of a shirt I decided to wear without really thinking it through.

In my First interview after school, i had no corporate outfit in my wardrobe and I had a budget of 20k to get corporate wears. So off I went to Alade Market.

On getting to the market, I realized that my money wasn’t going to be enough; As all corporate pants ranged from 10k-20k, shirts 8k-12k and shoes? i don’t want to get on those!

I remembered that I had a blue shirt; And then the interview was 10 am on Monday morning so only a little could be done. Thus, i settled for the cheapest pant at 8500 after so much begging and a shoe of 10k. Unbeknown to me the shirt was a casual shirt which I couldn’t tuck in. I had no other choice than to wear it for the interview.

My confidence level dropped from 10 to 1, pre-interview nerves got the best of me, suffice it to say the interview DID NOT go well.


For every time you have an interview, it is important for you to dress professional but also comfortable. In the sense that you wear a set of clothes that won’t have you itching or shifting uncomfortably in your seat because you can’t breathe.


For males, you could keep it simple with a shirt and a tie, with a blazer if you want. Blazer please, not coat or suit jacket.
PS: Always wear a tie, you’ll be taken more seriously.


For females, always dress with high-fashion and a load of classy in mind. For lovers of pantsuits, pair it with a tuck-in blouse instead of a shirt, and for the skirt, go for a straight pencil skirt and a shirt with a cute blazer, or you could wear a cotton or chiffon blouse instead of a shirt, whichever you prefer).


In addition, patterns are a great deal if you make sure you never combine different patterns, you’re very much good to go. But you must only wear a patterned piece with plain clothes.

Patterns are sensitive and shouldn’t be combined in any case, except it’s a runway show, which it isn’t people.


When it comes to your makeup, try as much as you can to wear minimal make up; this will give you a clean and simple look that allows people focus more on what you have to say than what your brows have to say, unless of course it is a ‘MUA’ interview.

Always try to Remember, that in Acing that job interview, if you dress and appear right, you just might earn right.


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