a long day at the office Nneka had had. coupled with her busy schedule, the traffic was gangster. she had prayed that Audu, would drive a little bit faster.


a long day at the office: Nneka had had a long day at the office. coupled with her busy schedule, the traffic was gangster. 

Throughout the course of the journey, she had prayed that Audu, her driver would use his initiative and drive a little bit faster when they were in a free traffic zone; but instead he crawled. she sensed that he was punishing her for the times she screamed at him for over speeding. 

a long day at the office


It was 10 pm on the dot when she arrived home. Yahyah was as usual not at the gate. she wondered what she had done to deserve him. The useless gateman had gone to gossip and drink paraga with his jobless friends. she could imagine the things they discussed in the joint. She could picture Yahyah discussing her non existent love life and how he attributed her sternness to her not having a man. He was lucky she knew his wife and kids, if not she would have fired him a long time ago. ‘welcome madam’ Yahyah interrupted her wandering mind; ‘ Welcome yourself! will you open the gate my friend!’ she retorted.

Friday nights were usually Nneka’s most valuable moments. She would always turn down the office party to have her own alone Netflix, wine and chill time. It was the only time she could relax before starting off on her carry over work from the office the next morning. She had worked her ass off to make partner at her firm and she knew she had to do twice the work because she was a woman. Even if it meant killing her social life.  


It was now past 10:30 when her phone rang. she had dozed off just 5 minutes into the movie. It was Richard, her assistant, calling to tell her that she had forgotten an important file due for submission on monday morning. ‘oh! can you bring it early tomorrow morning’  she asked wiping the saliva drooling from her mouth with the back of her hand ‘ i don’t stay around and i have classes every saturday ma. i might not be able to come around. However, myself and other colleagues are around your estate, why don’t i just drop it off for you before i head home?’ Nneka had no idea why she agreed but one thing she knew- he could not see her like that.

Nneka had slipped into her silk nighties and resumed her movie. She poured herself another glass of wine and binged over her bowl of popcorn. This was one of those nights when she needed to be cuddled. she was not in the mood to touch herself, so she quickly struck the thought off her mind.


 It was now past 11pm when Yahyah came to inform her about the visitor at the gate. ‘let him in’ she said. 

Your house is really nice ma’ Richard said ‘thanks. how was the party?’ she replied. Richard proceeded to tell her how much she missed and how the Friday get togethers could make her relax and lose some of the office stress ‘ill try to come one of these days’ she simply replied. ‘so what do you have for me?’

As Richard begun giving the brief, he could not keep his eyes off the pointed nipples that seemed to be staring at him. Who could have known that his boss had a banging body? She was so strict at the office that most people failed to remember that she was a woman with womanly features. Her lips were bare and looked sumptuous. He could imagine his mouth on them and it was in this moment that the thing between his legs began to rise. 

Nneka couldn’t make out why, but it seemed like Richard seemed different. She had noticed his biceps from the minute he came in. He was well cut, smelt nice and there was something about his almost rough end of the week  beards that turned her on. She tried to tell herself that it was the wine playing tricks on her brain; but when she caught Richard staring at her nipples, there was this sensation to have him in her there and then. 


Its getting late, won’t you start going?’ Nneka asked. ‘could i offer you anything before you leave?’ deep down he knew he wanted to say ‘i want you’ but instead he replied ‘ a glass of what you are having perhaps’ Nneka smiled and went to fetch a glass.

 ‘You know you could stay over its already past 12. ill get you a blanket you could sleep on the couch. i was actually seeing a movie before you came in’ Nneka said in half a breath ‘Ok’ he simply replied- at least he couldn’t stand and go home with an erection so obvious. He hoped he would stay till his erection subdued and then make up a story as to why he had to leave.



It all happened so fast; The temperature of the AC led to cuddles which together with the influence of wine led to body contact that aggravated into kisses and the flinging of clothes till it was bare bodies and stark nakedness. Finally, Richard fondled and suckled on the nipples like his life depended on it before going down to the honeypot. Nneka spoke gibberish till she came; she couldn’t remember the last time someone had made her legs vibrate this much. With joy in her heart, she returned the favour and this time, Richard almost removed the hair off her scalp when he was ‘coming’.

a long day at the office

There and then in the living room, there was a disruption and all styles were explored. In sincerity, Nneka was surprised that she could perform as she did, she thought she would be rusty due to her extended inaction; However, the expertise of Richard had guided her;And after a wild night, they both slept off in each other’s arms.


It was now 7am and Nneka woke up happier than ever. Infant it was the happiest she had been in a long while. She noticed a note by her side. it read ‘ I hope you feel refreshed after a long day at the office Boss. XO’ She smiled and bit her lip because she knew she wanted more…and she looked forward to a long day at the office on Monday.

~ Tenn Zipa j


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