The Nigerian youths set the trends mostly through expressions of Art, but how do we modify this industry and make it profitable?


The Network caught up with King Ereso, a foremost fabric painter and Founder ‘Son of god’ fits. In this interview, the Graduate of Yaba College of Technology shares his story, partnership with the plug, challenges and future of painting/ art in Nigeria.


– Tell us about the brand
Son Of God is art inspired.
A clothing brand that makes clothes out of hand paintings and also crafted designs.
The brand started late 2016 and steadily getting accepted in the society.
The Son Of God brand is here to give a high taste and value to the clothing industry, paying every attention to detail on each product giving you a lot more than what you’re paying for.

– Your brand is an infusion of fashion and art how did you come about this?
Growing up. I always tried to do the impossible. Whenever I get new clothes when I was younger, I would always try to recreate them. Everybody taught I had some mental issues. Lol
So later on. I started printing on clothes but got angry when I see something similar worn by other people so I started to think about how I can make my style stand out.
I was in a painting class in my 200 level at the higher institution and I got stained while I was painting. When I got home I tried to wash the paint off my shirt but it just stayed there. I then did my research about that particular paint then found out that it was also a fabric based paint. That was when I found out I could paint directly on fabric

– What are the challenges you have faced and still facing?
One is people don’t know painted clothes exist. Nobody would think of buying one until they actually come across it.
Two. Some people think they are printed
And three is the fact that some people don’t know the time and attention I put in making one product and the come at me with a whole lot of unreasonable prices.

– Your prices are on the highside do you have any considerations for the random youth or its strictly a luxury brand?
Yes I have come up with something everybody can afford. I just released a painted t shirt edition. So if you can’t afford a jacket. You can afford a t shit.


– You recently collaborated with Davido’s management team ‘the plug’ can you tell us about this partnership?
It has brought more light to the brand and more exposure. It has really given a big impact on the brand and am so happy it came through


– Are there any other partnerships you are committed to?
Also released a collection with Uriel (limited edition).

– Who are your role models?
I really don’t think I have any role model at this point.

– Would you say you lean more towards fashion or arts?
I see it as a growing process. First I had the love for fashion. Now I am so excited I have the power to add the value of fashion with my art. Fashion is art to me and art is fashion. It’s a 50 50 thing.


– What do you think of the fashion and arts industry in Nigeria?
Both industries are doing well and I’m happy my brand joins both industries in one.

– Where do you see yourself in a few year’s time?
Having a strong fashion / art platform and exhibitions around the world.

– Advice to the Nigerian youth?
Do what you have a passion for and put all your seriousness into it. Don’t be blinded by money. Persistence is key.

– Who will you be voting for in the 2019 elections?
No idea yet


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